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Senior Strategic Marketing & Creative Director

Powerful marketing and creative executive that has transformed the growth trajectories of Fortune 500, New York Times bestselling books and renowned Christian non-profit organizations with progressive campaigns that consistently attract, engage and retain key audience interest.

Areas of Expertise

  • Creative Direction
  • Business Expansion
  • Customer Retention
  • Competitive Leadership
  • User Experience Design
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Spokesperson Profiles
  • Market Research
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Product Launches
  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • Social Media
  • Storytelling
  • Segmented Direct Response Campaigns

Professional Experience

Elah strategic marketing group
President and Owner, 2007 – Present

Established a forward-thinking marketing agency positioning clients to achieve internal business operations improvement goals and aggressive revenue generation objectives for noteworthy brands, organizations, books and individuals including: The United States Army, United States Air Force, Coca-Cola, Visa, Best Buy, FTD, Family Christian Bookstores, American Academy of Pediatrics, The Moody Bible Institute, Max Lucado Ministries and a few New York Times bestselling books.


  • Consistently impresses clients with a dynamic formula for integrating cutting-edge technology and communication strategies to clearly convey the competitive advantages of client products and services. This has resulted in consistent repeat business and new business referrals.
  • Educates customers on the importance of tracking sales and program metrics in order to hone in on key successes along with identifying and resolving potential barriers to revenue growth.
  • Overcomes client messaging challenges by mentoring executives in how to create memorable value propositions that scale as companies accomplish market dominance.
  • Architected a proactive communications campaign for New York Times Bestseller “The Five Love Languages” leading to over 8 million copies sold and the creation of an internationally-recognized profile for Dr. Gary Chapman saving at-risk military families in need of counseling.
  • Elevated the importance of health by educating patients regarding participating in Bariatric and Medical Weight Loss programs leading to a client clinic attaining the best patient volumes in the health category within the entire state of Illinois.
  • Educated the Chicago market on the importance of purchasing news subscriptions instead of abandoning the model for free content by crafting a tailored marketing plan that increased subscriptions by 15% while also reducing 70% of subscription program operational costs.
  • Capitalized on digital marketing and POS technology innovations to increase FTD franchisee purchases by 23%.
  • Transformed a university’s reputation with a strategic marketing program that resulted in a 65% boost in enrollment.

healthcare marketing plus
President, 2012 - Present

Created a strategic research, marketing, communications and editorial model to position healthcare innovations and services as must-have resources to improve the health of city, regional and national populations.


  • Created a campaign to articulate the health and business value of the new Atrial Fibrillation Mini Maze Procedure that saved clients from exposure to a potential detrimental blood thinner drug and saved surgeons valuable time while improving heart procedure safety.
  • Continues to secure new business from hospitals, healthcare systems, physician practices and specialized clinics by being able to change how organizations approach patient experiences and communication tactics to create greater trust and partnerships regarding treatment.

marks & whetstone
President, 1995 - 2007

Revitalized Coca-Cola’s print, POS, event marketing and sales strategies in the Northeast Illinois, Chicagoland and Northeast Indiana markets by leading the charge to create a new voice for the company brand.


  • Cultivated positive relationships with the Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and Great American to develop new sponsorships to create additional high profile customer exposure.
  • Played an influential role in enabling Coca-Cola to create a brand that extended sales into Hispanic
    and African American communities.

Previous experience as a Senior Art Director for Montgomery, Zukerman, Davis Inc. and as a Director of Communications for the Moody Bible Institute prior to 1995.

Education & Training

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Marketing, Design, Cum Laude

university of akron
Member Of Kappa Kappa Psi Honor Fraternity

Software Proficiency

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, Joomla CMS, WordPress CMS, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Analytics and Amazon Direct Publishing

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Contact Information

Jeffrey Whetstone

phone: 630-244-3476


598 Applegate Lane

Lake Zurich, IL 60047



  • Account/Client Relations
  • Branding & Communications
  • Corporate Identity & Standards
  • Creative/Art Direction
  • Direct Response-Mail & Email
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration & Conceptual Photo-imaging
  • List & Media Management
  • Packaging & Product Design
  • Program & Team Management

  • Publishing-Books, Video & Music
  • Retail Sales Campaigns
  • Research-Quantitative & Qualitative
  • SEO & Social Media Strategies
  • Staff Recruitment & Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Development
  • User Experience/User Interface
  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Application Plugin Development
  • Writing


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